ATM CONSULTING, as a partner of the LIVINGAGRO project (ENI CBC MED), is carrying out an assignment as a matter of urgency with the“competitive negotiated procedure” for the service “The production of the Livingagro promotional material”

The service concerns the Italian and Greek partners and will be entrusted to a company complying with the following requirements:
“Company specialized in Social Media Marketing Communication with at least 2 years of experience in the sector and in possession of the ATECO code that allows the carrying out of the activities subject to the assignment”

It will be considered a preferential title:
– have carried out activities as a social media manager or influencer manager
– the legal representative or director is in possession of educational qualifications (Phd / Master, other) obtained in their own country or abroad
– demonstration of excellent knowledge of the English language at least by the legal representative or the company manager or staff permanently hired (not lower than level C1)
– the legal representative or the director or the employees permanently hired are in possession of specializations, certifications, in Italy and / or abroad in the matters relating to the assignment
– gender equality is respected in the company and the presence of women is at least 50% in the corporate structure and / or in the roles of representation and management

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